Photos from Namaste India series featured in Linus Gallery by Neha Luhar

Hi guys,

Back in February, Linus Gallery held a call for entries featured around the theme of Blur. I’m proud to announce that two images from my Namaste India series are currently featured on their site. The first featured image is from the Ganges River, while the second is of a female luggage porter at a train station(not a common occupation for women fyi).

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. It’s my lucky day! Check out the link below to see my submission, as well as those of many other talented artists. I am simply amazed by the variety of submissions.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

(Check me out around 4:12).

Namaste India exhibit to open in 21 days!!! by Neha Luhar

Hello all, long time no post.

It’s been a slurry of activity in preparation for my upcoming exhibit opening in Chicago. This is the opening debut for all images (with the exception of one). It’s been quite a journey editing and finalizing the images for this show. I will have 26 images on display and I’d love if you’re in the area to come check it out. Please note if you can not attend the opening that my work will be on display until June 2! Go get yourself a tasty beverage and an eyeful of my take on imagery made in India.

Please note: Partial proceeds of sales from this show will be donated to The Pad Project, LLC, a California non-profit organization which helps to aid women achieve independence from the shame and secrecy surrounding their menstrual cycle.  Donations help provide sanitary pad manufacturing machines, employment and peace of mind to girls and women in need. I feel very fortunate as an independent woman in this country and wish to help in The Pad Project’s mission to further aid these women in their independence.  For more information, check out  Thank you.

Here are the important deets:


WHEN: April 20, 2019

TIME: 3pm-5pm

WHERE: Perkolator Coffee, located at 6032 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL

Pedicab  , Archival Pigment Print, $120 (matted)

Pedicab, Archival Pigment Print, $120 (matted)

I have a website! by Neha Luhar

It's about dang time. 

I've been too afraid of what people might think. Then again, what does one think about an artist who has *no* website in this day and age?  You can't have an opinion about that which you can not see.  Duh!  

Stay posted for more content and more entertaining blog posts cuz right now all I can think this says is....

"Hey world, look at me! Look. At. Me."

(I'm not normally this self centered I swear.) 

I'd like to thank my incredible husband for encouraging me to not give up on this goal of mine.